Richard Wollman is a poet, sculptor, and Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Simmons University in Boston. He is the author of Evidence of Things Seen (Sheep Meadow Press), A Cemetery Affair (Finishing Line Press), and Changeable Gods (Winter 2022, Slate Roof Press).

Richard Wollman’s new collection, Changeable Gods, winner of the Elyse Wolf Prize, is a beautiful letterpress edition chapbook from Slate Roof Press. This sequence of love poems comes together to form one long poem that traces the arc of the lovers’ experiences over the span of thirty days. The presence of a third figure, Sarah, who has passed away, hovers over these lyrical poems of longing and loss.

“Wollman’s work is strikingly like that of Eugenio Montale (without his having been consciously influenced by the Italian poet)….Changeable Gods is a remarkable book in which Wollman uses clear and lyrical human speech to create a long sequence of poems of enormous complexity.”

—Alfred Nicol, winner of the Richard Wilbur Award

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